Penetration by Infective Hookworm Larvae of the Materials Used in the Manufacture of Shoes

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From the time of the earliest demonstration that hookworm larvae enter the human body through the skin there have been those who believe that the most practical method of hookworm control is the protection of the skin of the feet. In their zeal, some of these persons have opposed active campaigns for improved sanitary habits and have substituted campaigns for securing the wearing of shoes. They argue that the tropical peasant has not the resources to permit him to build a latrine at his home, and furthermore that if he did build a latrine he would not use it. In some cases they have recognized that it would not cost so much to build a good latrine as to supply a single family with leather shoes for a year and that the latrine would be of service for two or more years. They have then advised the substitution of canvas shoes with rubber soles for the sake of economy.