The Vitamin A Content of White Yautia, Yellow Yautia and Plantain with Further Evidence of a Possible Relationship between the Color of a Natural Food and its Richness in Vitamin A

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  • Department of Chemistry, Columbia University, and the Department of Chemistry, School of Tropical Medicine, University of Porto Rico


A quantitative study was made of the vitamin A content of three important Porto Rican foods, the plantain and the white and yellow yautia. The plantain and yellow yautia were found to be relatively good sources of vitamin A both containing an amount comparable to such foods as the tomato and sweet potato. The plantain contained somewhat more vitamin A than was found in the yellow yautia. The white yautia contained much less vitamin A than either the yellow yautia or plantain and was similar in its vitamin A content to the turnip, headed cabbage and beet. Further evidence is furnished to indicate a possible relationship between the color of a food and its richness in vitamin A.