An Efficient and Rapid Method of Concentration for the Detection of Ova and Cysts of Intestinal Parasites

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  • Department of Medical Zoology and Tropical Diseases, University of Pennsylvania

The imperfection of the laboratory methods used for the detection of ova and cysts of intestinal parasites and other formed bodies in the feces is due largely to:

  1. 1.The smallness of the amount of material which can be examined.
  2. 2.The lack of concentration which limits the number of eggs and cysts in the preparation thus rendering their detection neither easy nor rapid.
  3. 3.The unavoidable contamination with foreign bodies and residue of digestion which interfere with a clear picture of the object.
  4. 4.The use of strong chemicals or high hypertonic solutions which cause disintegration of the ova, rendering their identification uncertain.
  5. 5.The cumbersome, time consuming and complicated nature of the technique.

The above mentioned difficulties are to a large extent eliminated in the method to be described. It allows the examination of any desired amount of the material. It gives the highest concentration of the ova and cysts in a very small amount of sediment.