Observations on the Habits and the Injury Caused by the Bites or Stings of Some Common North American Arthropods

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  • United States Bureau of Entomology

The habits of some of the most common of our stinging or biting arthropods have been but little known and the question of the seriousness of their stings has been one of much controversy and speculation. In order to get more definite knowledge concerning these two subjects observations have been made and experiments performed which cover a period of about four years. Most of the results obtained up to the present are presented in this paper.

The Common Striped Scorpion

The common striped scorpion, Centruroides vittatus (Say), is by far the most numerous and widespread of any of the scorpions in the Southern States. It occurs as far north as southern Virginia and central Missouri and as far west as western Texas.

Habitat. In natural conditions this scorpion is found most abundant under the loose bark of large fallen logs but is also found under smaller logs lying on the ground, under brush piles, accumulations of dead leaves and occasionally under the loose bark of standing trees.