The Present Status of Tropical Medicine in the United States

Presidential Address

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It is fitting that I should first of all express to you my deep appreciation for the confidence shown and the honor conferred when you chose me as President of your Society. I thank you humbly, for I believe that the compliment was conferred because of my academic connection rather than by reason of my scientific attainments.

This Society was organized in March, 1903. The first School of tropical medicine, I believe, was that of London which opened its doors in 1899. Thus this school antedates our Society by only four years, and next year will come the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Society. The United States lagged far behind England in making adequate provision for teaching tropical medicine. Whereas the need for such teaching has been obvious and imperative there on account of the political and economic importance to Great Britain of her tropical colonies, the demand in this country has been overshadowed by other interests.