Artifacts in Endamoebae Which Have Led to the Naming of a New Genus and Species

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  • 1 Palo Alto, California
  • 2 Washington, D. C.


We rest our case primarily on our photographs. So far we have discovered nothing to disprove our contention that rigidity of cyst wall, evidenced principally by irregularity of contour, and which has been subjected to terrific osmotic pressure, is responsible for the manufacture of this new species. Kofoid's observations of “budding” in a saline preparation in which he saw the “budded” amoebula move away from the cyst may have been a pathological process dependent on externally applied pressure. The observation requires confirmation. It is undoubtedly an extremely rare occurrence.

We are of the opinion that “budding” forms of E. coli, E. histolytica and I. bütschlii are mechanical effects; and that the naming of new species in connection therewith is not justifiable.