Jaundice and the Liver Lesions in West African Yellow Fever

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  • Department of Pathology, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada

Intensive studies upon yellow fever have been mainly made upon the Western Hemisphere, and the clinical data and pathological findings which have given us the picture of the disease have been based upon observations made in the Americas. Hence in any discussion upon yellow fever the comparison is always demanded with the Western disease, and it does not suffice to speak of “yellow fever” unless the identity has been fully established. It is important to note that the pathological characteristics which have been established for yellow fever, by Councilman, Rocha-Lima, Marchoux and Simond, Seidelin, Otto and Neumann, Carroll, Boyce, Sodré, Noguchi and many others have been based upon investigations carried on upon materials from South and Central America, the West Indies and the United States. Only a few pathological reports upon special topics, not dealing with the disease as a whole, have been published by Stevenson, Turnbull and Seidelin in relation to the disease known as yellow fever in West Africa.