Treatment of Inguinal Granuloma with Thioglycollates of Antimony

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  • Service for Tropical Diseases, Boston City Hospital


The three cases to be described were treated on the Service for Tropical Diseases of the Boston City Hospital. The diagnosis in every case was based upon the finding of typical Donovan bodies in scrapings from the lesion. The first case was diagnosed in the pathological laboratory of Dr. F. B. Mallory while under treatment by the Gynecological Service. In the other two cases the diagnosis was made by members of the Tropical Service and concurred in by Dr. Mallory's laboratory.

All three of the patients undoubtedly contracted the disease in or near Boston. This point is of interest, because so far as known to us, only one case of inguinal granuloma in which typical Donovan bodies were demonstrated has previously been reported from Boston, and in that case the infection was contracted in Savannah, Georgia.

Of the three cases now to be reported one was in a white woman, the wife of a negro, and the other two in negroes.