Studies on Trichomonas Buccalis

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  • Department of Anatomy, School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania


Trichomonas buccalis has been found only in the mouths of persons suffering with pyorrhea, acute gingivalis, or abscessed teeth.

It has been found in upper and lower jaws in negroes and in white persons.

Four of the 9 cases were examined for T. hominis and found negative.

It has been cultured for over seven months with more than 112 transfers.

It grows well in acid and in alkaline media.

The thermal death point is 45 degrees for five minutes.

It contains neutral red granules when stained with neutral red.

It has round and slightly oval mitochondria.

It has the power of reducing janus green B. to diethylsafranin.

Neosalvarsan is not specific for T. buccalis.