Hookworm in Palestine

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  • Hadassah Medical Organization, Bacteriological Laboratory, Rothschild Hospital, Jerusalem

The investigations which we report below were commenced early in 1922 but for various reasons publication was delayed until the present.

The literature on the distribution of hookworm contains no reference to the endemicity of hookworm in Palestine. The first published observation of hookworm in Palestine known to us was made by Muehlens (1) in 1913. Muehlens observed only 1 case, which, however, was not an indigenous infection but was imported from America. Dr. A. Goldberg (formerly of the Jewish Health Bureau in Jerusalem) informed us, that he had observed 4 or 5 cases among Arabs during 1912 to 1914, but the origin of the infection was not determined. Early in 1922 the Department of Health of the Government of Palestine had no records of locally acquired hookwork in Palestine. Kligler (2) (1923) in a brief report on the helminthic infections in Jerusalem notes “the very low incidence of ancylostoma” (9 positive findings in 2369 stool examinations, i.e., 0.38 per cent).