Guide to the Study of Tsetse-Flies

By Prof. R. Newstead, F.R.S., with the collaboration of Alwen W. Evans, M.Sc. (Vict.) and W. H. Potts, B.A. (Contab.). Foreword by Prof. J. W. W. Stevens, F.R.S. Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine—Memoir, New Series No. 1. The University Press of Liverpool Limited. Hodder and Stoughten Limited, London. Price 17/6 net

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  • Army Medical School

From out of the richness of experience gained by twenty years devotion to the study of the African sleeping sickness problem, there is given to Science another contribution that will serve to strengthen her forces in battle with the dreaded scourge of Africa.

Prof. F. W. W. Stephens graces this memoir with a foreword. In his reference to the present problems of African sleeping sickness Professor Stephens theorizes on the probable consequence to man of the retreat of wild animals before the advancing civilization of Africa. He presumes that since the tsetse fly would be deprived of their natural source of food supply man would be subjected to intensified attacks of the insect with presumably fatal results. The foreword is closed with this significant remark, “Experience of the futility of antimalarial measures carried out without previous exhaustive entomological studies should serve as a warning.”