Treatment of Hookworm Disease with a Mixture of Carbon Tetrachlorid and Ascaridol

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  • 1 International Health Board, New York
  • 2 Sao Paulo, Brazil


  1. 1.Carbon tetrachlorid in diminished doses, when used in the treatment of hookworm disease, has a selective action upon female hookworms and does not remove ascarides.
  2. 2.Ascaridol, the active principle of chenopodium, in diminished doses has a selective action upon male hookworms and is remarkably efficient in removing ascarides.
  3. 3.A mixture of the two drugs does not increase their toxicity toward the host, since carbon tetrachlorid has a specific action upon the liver, whereas ascaridol affects chiefly the central nervous system.
  4. 4.An anthelmintic approaching the ideal for field treatment of hookworm disease is obtained by administering 2 cc. of a mixture containing 4 parts carbon tetrachlorid and 1 part ascaridol. The mixture is highly efficient, comparatively non-toxic, easy to administer, and inexpensive.