The Isolation and Maintenance of Leishmania on the Medium Employed for the Cultivation of Organisms of the Leptospira Group of Spirochetes

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  • Laboratories of The Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, Leishmaniasis Clinic of the Santa Casa Hospital, New York, Brazil


Two strains of Leishmania brasiliensis have been isolated from the lesions by means of the culture medium employed for the isolation and cultivation of organisms of the Leptospira group of spirochetes. It is suggested that this medium is highly advantageous for the isolation and maintenance of Leishmania, because, of (1) the simplicity of preparation, (2) the stability at ice-box temperatures, (3) the luxuriant growth obtained, and (4) the long period of life of the cultures without transfer.

The leptospira medium has the advantage, therefore, of being applicable to the cultivation of three distinct groups of microorganisms, two of the Spirochaetae (Leptospira, Spironema) and one protozoon (Leishmania).