Observations on Vesical Bilharziasis in Palestine

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  • Hadassah Medical Organisation, Bacteriological Laboratory, Rothschild Hospital, Jerusalem


  1. 1.In the vicinity of Jaffa, Palestine, about the River Auja and its tributaries, there exists an endemic focus of vesical bilharziasis of not insignificant range. Progress in intensive farming will make it of still greater importance.
  2. 2.Contrary to prevailing opinion, the diagnosis of light cases of vesical bilharziasis by means of microscopical urine tests, frequently presents serious difficulties. In many cases, also eosinophilia fails as a positive test. In those cases, complement fixation (according to Fairley) seems to acquire particular significance.
  3. 3.In no case did subcutaneous application of emetine lead to permanent cure. On the other hand intravenous application of antimony tartrate (Christopherson's method) produced not a single failure.