Some Observations on Mosquito Control in the Canal Zone, with Especial Reference to the Genus Anopheles

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  • The Panama Canal, Balboa Heights, Canal Zone

In his introduction to the work of LePrince and Orenstein “Mosquito Control in Panama” (1), Dr. L. O. Howard writes:

The writer well remembers one morning when, before starting for Panama, General Gorgas and Mr. LePrince called on him at his office in Washington to talk about mosquitoes, and the confidence which they felt of accomplishing their gigantic task was inspiring. He asked General Gorgas to have specimens of all the Panama mosquitoes sent to him for naming, and the General said, “I will assign Mr. LePrince to see that it is done.” Upon which Mr. LePrince remarked, “I will have to do it soon, Doctor, for in a year or so there will be no mosquitoes there!”

This conversation must have taken place in 1904, the year that General (then Colonel) Gorgas began his work upon the Isthmus of Panama.

Since that day much history has been written and the world has moved at a rapidly accelerating pace.