The Inoculability of Leishmania

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  • Medical School of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Résumé and Conclusions

The positive results of our experiments establish facts, but the negative ones only indicate one possibility. We realize that in the investigations of this nature one has always to count on some lack of success due to the variations in the strength of the infecting agent or that of the host. Only a great number of observations, which are always difficult to obtain, might avoid such results.

We established:

  1. 1.That our leishmaniasis is auto-inoculable.
  2. 2.That it is a contagious disease.
  3. 3.That the pathology of the lesions is different from that ordinarily observed in spontaneous leishmania infections.
  4. 4.The quantity and quality of the infiltrating cells vary with the phase of evolution or involution of the lesion.
  5. 5.Healthy individuals can be successfully inoculated by the material obtained from a sick one.
  6. 6.Inoculations of Leishmania culture in an already infected person were negative.
  7. 7.Inoculations by puncture were not successful.
  8. 8.The incubation period was about three weeks.