Suggestions for Developing a Campaign to Control Yellow Fever

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  • Vocal Comisión Especial para la Campaña contra Fiebre Amarilla, Mexico

Unquestionably a modern piped water system, delivering an ample supply of potable water and available to all homes in the community at all hours of day and night, is the most effective measure for the permanent elimination of yellow fever. It is equally effective in rendering an infectible area non-infectible, as it automatically eliminates the necessity for using receptacles for conserving the domestic water-supply.

Unfortunately, many communities are hampered by inability to secure enough potable water to meet their needs, and by financial depression. The sanitarian, therefore, must resort to the next best plan for combating the infection, namely, to reduce to a minimum the breeding of the only known vector of the causative agent of this disease, i.e., Aëdes aegypti (more popularly known as the Stegomyia), by mosquito-proofing or destroying the receptacles selected by this mosquito for depositing her eggs, which are the containers used in and near human habitations for storing fresh water.