Medical Entomology, with Special Reference to the Health and Well-being of Man and Animals

by Dr. William B. Herms, Late Professor of Parasitology, Emeritus, University of California. Fourth Edition, 643 pp., frontispiece and 191 illustrations, cloth. New York, The Macmillan Company, 1950. Price, $9.00

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  • Gorgas Memorial Laboratory, Panama, R. de P.

This edition follows essentially the plan of the previous one. The work is divided into chapters corresponding for the most part to the groups of arthropods of medical importance, each chapter with a useful bibliography. Keys, descriptions or figures provide means of identifying most of the important groups at least to genera and in some cases to species. Several sections and keys were prepared by specialists. The text had been brought fairly well up to date at the time the author had completed this revision (the preface is dated April 1949) and includes control measures based on the use of DDT and others of the newer insecticides. A few frank errors, inevitable in a work of this sort, have been spotted during intensive browsing. There are rather few misprints in the scientific names.

A great deal of information has been assembled and on the whole this is a good textbook if its rather definite limitations are borne in mind.