A Comparison of the Susceptibility by Intracerebral Inoculation of Six Strains of Mice with Male DBA Line 1 Mice

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  1. 1.In a series of five experiments, the susceptibility of six strains of mice to intracerebral injection of a specified strain of Histoplasma capsulatum has been compared with that of male dba line 1 mice.
  2. 2.It would appear that male mice of the C 3 H strain and one strain of inbred Swiss albino mice, 4–5 weeks of age, are as susceptible to this fungus by intracerebral injection as are male dba line 1 mice of the same age.
  3. 3.It would seem that the other strains of mice studied may be arranged in the following order with respect to susceptibility: a) Bar Harbor C 57 Black Line 6, b) Swiss albino, Rockefeller General Purpose strain (inbred), c) Strain “A” (Strong A), d) Bar Harbor C 57 Black Line 10, e) Swiss albino, random bred.

Author Notes

Mycologist, Field Studies Branch, Division of Tuberculosis, Public Health Service.

Instructor in Pathology, Duke University School of Medicine.