The Physiological Disposition of Diodoquin, Vioform, and Chiniofon in the Rabbit as Determined with Radioiodine

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Labeled diodoquin, vioform, and chiniofon were prepared using I131 and the distribution, absorption, and excretion of iodine determined after oral and intravenous administration to rabbits. Similar determinations were made with labeled potassium iodide for comparison. The route and rate of excretion of iodine was different for each of the 3 drugs as was the blood-iodine pictures and tissue distributions. The results also indicated that chiniofon was not present in the blood as such after oral administration, but as a metabolite, and that all of the compounds are degraded to some extent by the time they appear in the urine.

Author Notes

From the Laboratory of Tropical Diseases, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda 14, Maryland.