Laboratory Tests with Newer Antibiotics on Microorganisms Commonly Prevalent in the Tropics


When comparing the results obtained with penicillin G, streptomycin, chloromycetin and aureomycin with the effects of polymyxin D, bacitracin, neomycin and enniatin in vitro and in laboratory animals, neomycin proved very effective against tuberculosis, typhoid and other Salmonella infections, Shigellae, V. cholerae, P. pestis, Brucellae, Treponemataceae and E. histolytica. Polymyxin D was effective against gram negative organisms. Bacitracin was found active against V. cholerae and strains resistant to this antibiotic were not observed. This antibiotic was also effective against vaccinia and Q fever.

Author Notes

Hektoen Institute for Medical Research of Cook County Hospital, 629 S. Wood St., Chicago 12, Illinois.