The Influence of Federal Funds on Medical Education and Research

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This is a period of plenty, financially speaking, for those of us interested in the pathogens whose manifestations are most commonly but erroneously referred to as tropical diseases. In relative terms there have never been available so many resources for research. Now it is not uncommon for an investigator to have available an annual appropriation with implied commitments for 1 to 5 years to study these exotic diseases, a total far in excess of the combined research budgets of several institutions prior to World War II. From the inception of its aid program to September 1, 1948, the U. S. Public Health Service alone has allocated extramurally through its Study Sections, $585,958.00 to individuals for research in tropical diseases. A conservative estimate of funds from all federal agencies would probably amount to one and a half million dollars for this field alone. Similar or greater expansion with corresponding budgets is occurring within the federal agencies themselves.

Author Notes

Dean, Division of Biological Sciences, University of Chicago, Chicago 37, Illinois.