Clinical Diagnosis by Laboratory Examination

Kolmer, John A. Pp. xxviii plus 1212, Figs. 93, some in color. Cloth. New York, Appleton-Century-Crofts, Inc., 1949. $12.00

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The primary purpose of this text and reference work is to present “the clinical interpretation of laboratory examinations and their practical application in the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of various diseases.” It is written in three parts. The clinical interpretation of findings by the various laboratory tests are considered first. Part two deals with the application of laboratory examinations in specific disease entities. The third part describes concisely selected laboratory technics. This arrangement leads to some duplication in content and a distribution of information on specific subjects.

Major emphasis is devoted to problems in clinical chemistry, hematology and serology. There are many excellent chapters but the one dealing with “The Clinical Interpretation of Serologic Examinations in Syphilis” is outstanding and will be read with interest and profit. Problems in these three fields are universal; the text will be of value in tropical areas as elsewhere.

Sections on parasitology and bacteriology are very briefly presented however.