The Growth of Endamoeba Histolytica with Live and Heat-Treated Trypanosoma Cruzi

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  1. 1.Bacteria-free cultures of E. histolytica with active T. cruzi have been maintained through 50 serial transfers and are in use for the production of antigens and for the inoculation of experimental animals with the ameba.
  2. 2.Similar cultures, with T. cruzi heat-treated at 48°C. for 10 minutes, have been maintained through 25 serial transfers.
  3. 3.Some growth of amebas was demonstrated in microtubes with T. cruzi heat-treated at 48°C. for 10 minutes; no growth of amebas could be demonstrated with T. cruzi treated at 52°C.
  4. 4.Rich suspensions of T. cruzi were required for good growth of E. histolytica in microcultures.
  5. 5.E. histolytica failed to grow with rich suspensions of T. cruzi from a dialysate medium in routine use for the cultivation of the trypanosome.
  6. 6.A new experimental method of approach has been provided for problems of amebiasis.