Serological Reactions in Yellow Fever

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  • Miembro de la Comision Especial para la Campana contra la Fiebre Amarilla, Mexico

Since Noguchi's (1) reports on the transmission of yellow fever to animals and the isolation of Leptospira icteroides from patients and from experimentally infected guinea pigs, investigations of this organism have multiplied, and its specific rôle in yellow fever is unquestionable. Various observers have accomplished experimental transmission of the disease and isolation and cultivation of the microorganism (2), and recently the identity of the human and experimental lesions has been established in an indisputable manner (3).

The immunity reactions were carefully studied by Noguchi in connection with the demonstration of the etiological rôle of the parasite. Noguchi's results suggested the desirability of studying these reactions with a view to their practical application in early diagnosis of yellow fever, and the opportunity to carry out such an investigation presented itself during an epidemic of yellow fever in Vera Cruz.