Methods of Administering Anthelmintics to Remove Whipworms with a Note on a New Method

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In the present state of our knowledge, the removal of whipworms by anthelmintics is a difficult matter. There is so little certainty of drug action in this respect, so far as the administration of one or two doses of most anthelmintics is concerned, that Berard and Vignard (1) reach the conclusion that it is necessary to resect the appendix when these worms are present in the appendix, and in veterinary practice, Miller (2) comes to a somewhat similar conclusion in regard to whipworms in the cecum of dogs and reports favorably on resection of the cecum as a cure for canine trichuriasis. In this connection it may be noted that Matsuoka (3) found that whipworms were very seldom found in the appendix, although whipworm eggs were often found there, contrary to the case for pinworms which are often found in the appendix, although their eggs are rarely found there.