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When Doctor J. B. Christopherson introduced in the Sudan, the treatment of schistosomiasis with intravenous doses of tartar emetic, he stressed the importance of watching the gradual degeneration of the escaping ova as an estimate of successful cure, and, under the Streatfeild Research Schlarship from 1919 to 1922, I noted the same signs in ova of Schistosoma mansoni, S. bovis and S. spindale.

Sir Leonard Rogers has emphasized the value of the eosinophil count as a means of determining successful treatment, the percentage rising as soon as antimony injections are administered and settling down to normal a few weeks after all the adult worms have been destroyed, but the complement-fixation test has not proved so reliable, and for many the blood count and examination of escaping ova suffice as laboratory tests.

A mere absence of escaping ova may be due to various causes, and is common from some general disturbance of health, so that no reliance can be placed on it in judging that all the adult worms are dead.

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Durban, Natal. Deceased