Business Meetings

The Minutes of the Council Meeting

The annual business meeting of the Officers and Council was held at noon on December 6, 1948 at the Roosevelt Hotel. Those present were: Doctors J. S. D'Antoni, N. H. Topping, M. F. Boyd, F. J. Brady, P. E. Russell, H. Most, M. E. Barnes, H. R. Cox, W. A. Sodeman, E. I. Salisbury, H. E. Meleney, E. C. Faust, and T. T. Mackie. Those absent were Doctors E. G. Hakansson, J. Andrews, K. R. Lundeberg, and J. C. Snyder. The President, Dr. J. S. D'Antoni, presided.

The minutes of the previous meeting held on December 1, 1947 were approved as published in the JOURNAL of March 1948 subject to the correction of the name of a new member, Luis Najera A., which was erroneously recorded as Angulo, L. N.

The President appointed Dr. M. E. Barnes and Dr. H. Most as the Resolutions Committee.

The Secretary's report was then presented as follows.