Suggestions for the Future

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I accepted the Presidency of the Academy of Tropical Medicine with deep feelings of personal gratitude to my colleagues, and also in the belief that they intended, through me, to pay a compliment to Harvard University for the work in tropical medicine which has been conducted there for many years.

In his presidential address to the Academy last year, Dr. Strode advocated federation of the American Academy of Tropical Medicine, the American Society of Tropical Medicine, the National Malaria Society and certain other groups. He pointed out that the membership of each of these organizations is small, and that our potential influence could be greatly enhanced by federation. The idea of federation has received general approval, and steps in that direction are being taken. The bodies joining in federation need not lose their identity. Each should continue to have its function.

My principal concern tonight is to suggest an expanded program for the Academy.

Author Notes

Harvard Medical School, Boston 15, Mass.