The Sick African. A Clinical Study

By Micheal Gelfand. 2nd revised edition. 124 figs. 699 pp., 1948. Cape Town, S. Af. Stewart Printing Co. Ltd. 38 shillings

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While directed primarily to the physician undertaking practice in Africa for the first time, many general remarks about the African patient will strike a familiar chord with some doctors in the southern states. A second, much enlarged, edition of a book published in 1943 indicates a favorable reception and fundamental usefulness of the first edition. The illustrations are frequently excellent. A number of typographical errors and mis-spellings can be noted. It is not clear why native is spelled with a (caps) “N” throughout. The binding is unsuitable for very moist climates, becoming soggy when humidity is high.

The arrangement of the material endeavors to follow clinical systems rather than classification of the infective agents. Thus, a certain amount of repetition occurs which is unavoidable and some diseases appear among unusual companions. It should be noted that it is written from the viewpoint of a clinician who is also a pathologist with considerable autopsy experience.