An Investigation into the In-Vitro Titration of Cobra and Daboia Antivenins

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  • Assistant Director, Central Research Institute, Kasauli, East Punjab, India


  1. 1.The hemolysin fraction of cobra venom can be completely eliminated by treatment with alkali.
  2. 2.The determination of the minimal lethal dose of hemolysin showed that it was almost innocuous when administered intra-muscularly into guinea-pigs but was definitely toxic when injected intra-cardially or intra-peritoneally.
  3. 3.Cobra neurotoxin was used for the in-vitro titration of its corresponding antibody, but the results did not exactly correspond to the protective power of antivenom sera. The anti-hemolysin was linked with the anti-neurotoxin and interefered with the neurotoxin + anti-neurotoxin interaction.
  4. 4.It has, so far, not been found possible to fractionate daboia venom.
  5. 5.Daboia anti-hemolysin titration or modified Nagler's reaction can be used as preliminary in-vitro tests before the final in-vivo titration is undertaken.