A Helminth Survey from an Autopsy Series on Natives of Okinawa, with Comments on Complications of Ascariasis

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  1. 1.Helminth infection is present in about 80 per cent of the living population of Okinawa. Autopsy statistics show a slightly lower incidence (60 per cent). Approximately 50 per cent of the population show multiple infections.
  2. 2.In 3 cases, ascariasis was the primary cause of death; intestinal obstruction in 2 cases, one of which was complicated by a worm in the common duct extending into the gallbladder. Death in the third case was due to hepatic infarction due to pressure of an ascaris in the left hepatic duct causing hepatic artery thrombosis.
  3. 3.A hitherto undescribed complication (hepatic infarction) is reported.