Synopsis of Allergy

Harry L. Alexander, A.B. Washington School of Medicine, St. Louis. Editor of the Journal of Allergy. 249 pages with 22 illustrations. 2nd Edition. C. V. Mosby Co., St. Louis 1947

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The second edition of this monograph brings the subject up-to-date in an excellent manner. One finds condensed here all the important literature relating to allergy from the clinical and scientific standpoints. A careful perusal of this work demonstrates systematic, practical, concise yet adequate discussions of the various classes of allergy with a clarification of the old ideas stressed. A chapter on vascular allergy has been included in this new addition.

The rather exhaustive bibliography makes a compendious expository source of information relative to allergic disorders readily available. As in the first edition the most generally accepted viewpoints are given with the author's interpretations expressed on controversial matters. The space alloted to each aspect of clinical allergy is proportional to its importance with emphasis being placed on practical therapeutic methods. Introduction and usage of the recent drugs, such as demerol, antihistaminics, etc. are discussed authoritatively under the various allergic manifestations in which they can be of some efficacious value.