A Comparison of the Effectiveness of Quinacrine and Quinine against Falciparum Malaria

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  1. 1.Ninety-nine patients with falciparum malaria were given the routine intensive quinacrine treatment used in the Southwest Pacific Theater (3.6 grams in 6 days), and the results of the therapy were compared with those found in a series of 104 patients treated with quinine (210 grains of hydrochloride in 6 days).
  2. 2.Patients in both series responded rapidly to treatment. There was no difference observed in the rate of disappearance of fever and the rate of clearance of parasites in either of the series.
  3. 3.Persons with intense infections responded as quickly as those with light infections.
  4. 4.There was no statistically significant difference in gametocyte production in the two series.
  5. 5.Six of the 99 patients treated with quinacrine showed transient manifestations of central nervous system irritation near the end of the course of treatment.
  6. 6.Adequate plasma levels of quinacrine resulted from a less intensive treatment schedule of 3.2 grams in 6 days.

Author Notes

Major, M.C., A.U.S., on leave of absence from the International Health Division of The Rockefeller Foundation.

Major, M.C., A.U.S., on leave of absence from The Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research at Princeton, N. J.

1st Lt., Sn.C., A.U.S.