Pneumonic Plague

A Report of Recovery in a Proved Case and a Note on Sulfadiazine Prophylaxis

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  • Department of Experimental Medicine and Division of Bacteriology and Immunology, National Institute of Health, Nanking, China
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  1. 1.A case of proven primary pneumonic plague, resulting from laboratory infection, has been reported.
  2. 2.Recovery has taken place after a stormy and protracted course following combined therapy with sulfonamides and streptomycin.
  3. 3.In vitro studies on the chemotherapeutic action of sulfadiazine and streptomycin on P. pestis have indicated that streptomycin is more efficacious and that there is some synergistic effect when the two drugs are used in combination.
  4. 4.Transfusion malaria and jaundice (either homologous serum jaundice or infectious jaundice) have been observed in this case.
  5. 5.Oral sulfadiazine has been used in the prophylaxis of contacts. No secondary case has appeared among them.