The Brumpt Jubilee Prize

A committe has recently been established in Paris to celebrate the scientific jubilee of Professor E. Brumpt, who after more than forty-five years of teaching and scientific research in parasitology has justly acquired a worldwide fame. It appears that to perpetuate the memory of this master, the best means will be to create a foundation, the income of which will be regularly utilized in the form of a prize. Naturally the frequency and amount of the award will depend on the sum which is accumulated. Contributions should be sent to the Secretary General of the Committee, Professor Lavier, Faculté de Medecine de Paris, 12, Avenue de l'Observatoire, Paris VI, as the faculty of medicine has been made responsible for the award of the prize. The prize, to be called Emile Brumpt will be awarded to the authors of the most important works on parasitology or tropical pathology, either human or veterinary, without distinction of nationality.