Tropical Nutrition and Dietetics

By Lucius Nicholls, M.D., B.C., B.A. (cantab.) Director Bacteriological and Pasteur Institutes and Director of Division of Nutrition, Ceylon; Lecturer on Nutrition, Ceylon University; late Lecturer on Tropical Medicine, Ceylon Medical College. Pp. 370 with 32 illustrations. Second Edition. Bailliere, Tindall and Cox, London, 1947

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This revised edition has been enlarged to include the newer work in nutrition. It comprises twenty nine chapters and twenty one appendices. The initial chapters are devoted to the physiology and chemistry of the basic food elements. The ensuing five chapters deal with the vitamins in relation to diet and human nutrition. Following a good historical review and general statement the individual vitamins are treated separately under the headings: chemistry, storage in the body, deficiency in animals and man, unitage, human requirements, and the effects of storage and cooking. Each section is closed with a list of food sources for the particular vitamin giving the unit content per one hundred grams and per ounce of the source.

Succeeding chapters deal with foods of vegetable origin, foods of animal origin, diets, and public health activities in relation to nutrition including techniques of diet surveys.