United Attack on Tropical Problems

Presidential Address, American Academy of Tropical Medicine, Atlanta, Georgia, December 3, 1947

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It is fitting to introduce this Presidential address with a declaration of deep appreciation of the honor you have bestowed upon me by electing me to the Presidency of the American Academy of Tropical Medicine. The motive behind this action was, I like to believe, not only to single out one who has lived in the tropics and become seriously interested in its health problems but as well to do honor to the organization he directs, the International Health Division of The Rockefeller Foundation, whose work in tropical medicine has brought new luster to the many distinguished achievements of others in that field.

I wish to acknowledge my gratitude to the Vice-President of the American Academy of Tropical Medicine, Dr. George C. Shattuck, for his kindness in acting in my stead during this 14th annual meeting of the Academy and to extend sincere thanks to the Secretary, Dr. Ernest Carroll Faust, for his willingness to read this address.