Protein Hydrolysate-Enriched Media for the Propagation of Trichomonas Vaginalis (Donné)

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  • Research Laboratory, Elmer Belt Urologic Group, Los Angeles, 5, California


An enriched fluid-type isolation medium (F.I.M.) and a flagellate propagation medium (F.P.M.) for the cultivation of Trichomonas vaginalis have been developed, and procedures for preparation have been outlined. A microbiologically assayed brand of enzymatic yeast protein hydrolysate, “Prominogen”, is advocated for simplicity in media manufacture.

To date, over 102 subcultures have been carried in the medium proposed and the flagellates have been maintained in an active state of motility and reproductivity, as evidenced by a duplicate series of subcultures with flagellate enumerations.

The FPM-Hydrolysate medium has been compared with the C.P.L.M. medium of Johnson and Trussell in a series of fifteen cultures, and growth, ascertained by enumerating organisms/mm3 after 60 hours of incubation at 37.5°C., was appreciably higher in 73.4 per cent of the subcultures in the new medium.