“Mal Del Pinto” or “Carate” and Its Treatment with Chlorhydrate of 3-Amino-4 Oxiarsenbenzen (Mapharsen)

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  • Instituto de Salubridad y de Enfermedades Tropicales, México, D. F.


Summarizing our observations we can say that about 700.000 people in this hemisphere are affected with “Mal del Pinto o Carate”.

The study of 805 people in the pinto area around Arcelia, Guerrero shows that 56.2% of the children of parents affected with Pinto have the same disease, and that healthy parents have Pinto children in a proportion of 43.5%. (Difference in percentages = 12.7 - 2.6).

We report the possibility of obtaining growth of Treponema carateum in cultures of embryonic nervous tissue.

These cultures caused allergic reactions in a Pinto patient but did not produce infections in men.

The distribution of Pinto lesions is shown in groups of 200 patients (figs. 1, 2, 3, 4). The maximum and minimum blood pressures of these cases have a tendency toward low numbers.

The treatment of Pinto with “Mapharsen”, administered in 15 injections of 0.04 twice a week gave some results in 96% of the cases. The intensity of the Kahn reaction diminished in the blood serum of 4% of the cases.