Treatment of Bubonic Plague with Sulfadiazine

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  • Department of Experimental Medicine, National Institute of Health, National Health Administration, China
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In a series of 25 cases of bubonic plague, 16 patients were treated with sulfadiazine alone, 3 with sulfadiazine plus antiplague serum, 4 with sulfathiazole and serum at first but later with sulfadiazine and 2 with sulfathiazole alone. There were five fatalities—3 deaths among patients treated with sulfadiazine and 2 deaths among those treated with sulfadiazine plus serum. While admittedly a small series, the results are sufficiently striking to show the excellent therapeutic value of sulfadiazine in the treatment of bubonic plague. Some interesting findings concerning the importance of early treatment, persistence of plague bacilli in the bubo, occurrence of relapses and instances of prompt response to sulfadiazine after failure with sulfathiazole are presented and discussed.

Author Notes

We are indebted to Dr. Y. C. Wang, Superintendent of Foochow Cooperative Hospital for permission to use the hospital facilities.