Remarks made by the American Ambassador on Presenting the Theobald Smith Gold Medal to Dr. Charles Morley Wenyon

At A Meeting of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene at Mansion House, Portland Place, London On January 17th, 1946

I am happy to come here this evening at the request of the officers of the American Academy of Tropical Medicine to assist in doing honor to your distinguished president, Dr. Charles Morley Wenyon.

Today we believe that the men of all nations must work together for the common good. Our governments and our peoples are giving deep thought and earnest effort to establishing channels of communication through which men may learn to understand other cultures and so find the common denominators of purpose. They are endeavouring to set up machinery through which economic, political and social cooperation may be established. We have faith in the ultimate success of these efforts, though the way is difficult. We find new encouragement when we turn to the world of science where cooperation has long been a living fact and great men work selflessly in the pursuit of truth for the benefit of mankind.