An Outline for Teaching Mosquito Stomach and Salivary Gland Dissection

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INTRODUCTION Various methods of dissecting female anophelines to determine the presence or absence of oöcysts of plasmodia on the stomach and of sporozoites in the salivary glands are in use. Numerous descriptions of these procedures have been recorded in the literature, many being modifications of the method outlined in 1908 by Stephens and Christophers and later by Barber. Others who have contributed to this aspect of malariology include MacGregor, 1928; Craig, 1909; Boyd, 1930; Barber, 1930; Barraud, 1934; Missiroli, 1934; Russell and Baisas, 1935; Barber and Rice, 1936; Christophers and Covell, 1936; Wilcox and Logan, 1941; Covell, 1941; Simmons and Aitken, 1942; Puri, 1942; Blacklock and Wilson, 1942; Sevensson, 1943; and Geiman, 1944.

At the Army Medical School it has been necessary to teach mosquito dissection to large groups of individuals who have had little or no previous training in entomology. The size of the staff available for teaching this material has been limited.

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Major, Medical Corps, A.U.S.

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