Two New Species of Rat Mites (Neoschongastia Spp.) from a Focus of Scrub Typhus on Mindoro, Philippine Islands

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  • United States of America Typhus Commission, War Department, Washington, D. C.


Two new species of parasitic mites of the genus Neoschongastia, family Trombiculidae, namely, N. philippensis n.sp. and N. kohlsi n.sp. are described in this article. Both were taken from the ears of field rats, Rattus mindanensis mindanensis and R. vigoratus, indigenous to a focal area of scrub typhus in the vicinity of San Jose, Mindoro, Philippine Islands. The type specimens are deposited in the collections of the U. S. National Museum.

Author Notes

Lieut. Colonel, Sn.C., AUS.

Lieut. Colonel, M.C., ORS.