Foreign Quarantine in Military Traffic

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The dissemination of disease through international military traffic has been much discussed in recent years, and the problem has been evaluated from multiple viewpoints. Some persons have apparently been convinced that many diseases would be encountered abroad which might easily be introduced into the United States, particularly by aerial traffic, and fantastically devious means of infection have been suggested. Some opinions have not seemed to give adequate weight to past experience, or to improbabilities involved.

Military policy has necessarily been based upon careful evaluation of the entire problem by The Surgeon General with all reasonable regard to military expediency. World-wide commercial and military experience have been considered along with advice of American and foreign authorities in preventive medicine, and recommendations of the National Institute of Health, The National Research Council, the United States of America Typhus Commission, and other interested military and civilian groups.

Author Notes

Lieut. Colonel, M.C., A.U.S.