Amebic Hepatitis

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The present discussion is meant to emphasize the importance of two aspects of amebic hepatic disease, early diagnosis and early therapy. No implication is made that these problems are newly recognized. Rogers (1) emphasized certain aspects of both as far back as 1907. We feel, however, that this presentation is justified on at least three grounds; first, the failure of a large number of the current textbooks clearly to delineate the problem or to emphasize its importance; second, records of these aspects of hepatic amebiasis are still sufficiently fragmentary to warrant further recording and correlation of case studies; and, third, inadequacies in the recognition of the picture in this country are well known.

In any disease, particularly those which are infectious in nature, demonstration of the etiologic agent places therapy upon solid ground. Amebiasis is no exception (2). Absolute diagnoses are always based upon the demonstration of the cause of the picture.

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From the Department of Preventive Medicine, School of Medicine, The Tulane University of Louisiana, The Charity Hospital of Louisiana at New Orleans and U. S. Marine Hospital at New Orleans.