Tropical Nursing

A Hand-Book for Nurses and Others going Abroad. By A. L. Gregg. M.A., M.D., M.Ch., B.A.O. (Dublin). D.T.M. and H. (Lond.), L.M. (Rotunda Hospital. 2n. Ed. Pp. 1–184. Illustrated. Philosophical Library. New York. N. Y.

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This pocket-size volume is an excellent guide for nurses in the tropics and well fulfills the aim of the author to provide a practical and authoritative work to place in the hands of travelers in tropical regions. After a brief Introduction the book is divided into the following sections: Personal Hygiene in the Tropics, Diseases, Technique, Care of the Eyes, and a Glossary. The section upon disease encountered in the tropics considers all of the important diseases met with in such localities in a brief but comprehensive manner and embodies all of the essential facts which would prove to be useful to nurses or travelers and the data given are correct and up-to-date in most respects. The section devoted to Technique includes the technique of blood examinations, blood tranfusion, bowel lavage, test meals and intramuscular and intravenous injections. There are also included a useful glossary and tables of weights and measures.