Stedman's Medical Dictionary

Edited by Stanley Thomas Garber, B.S., M.D. 15th Revised Edition. Pp. i–xv, 1–1257. Illustrated. The Williams & Wilkins Co., Baltimore, Md

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This, the fifteenth edition of Stedman's Medical Dictionary, has been thoroughly revised and reset and many new illustrations have been added, and the terminology of the bacteria has been revised to conform with the classification adopted by the Society of American Bacteriologists. It is satisfying to note that in the spelling of medical terms preference has been given to the simpler forms. It is noted that in the definition of the term “Endamoeba”, it is stated that this name is incorrectly used for “Entamoeba”. As a matter of fact, Endamoeba is correct having been accepted by the International Committee upon Nomenclature. It is also stated in the definition that Endamoeba is a species of amoeba not parasitic in the human being, which, of course, is most misleading and erroneous.

The volume is beautifully printed and bound and a credit to the editor and publisher alike.