Poisonous and Injurious Plants of Panama

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“The Apples wherewith the Indian Canibales inueneme theyre arrowes growe on certeyne trees couered with many braunches and leaues beinge very greene and growyng thicke. They are laden with an abundance of these euyll frutes, and haue theyr leues lyke the leues of a peare tree, but that they are lesse and rounder. The frute is much lyke the muscadell peares of the Ilande of Sicilie or Naples in forme and biggenesse: And are in sum partes steyned with redde spottes, and of a very sweete sauoure. These trees for the moste parte growe euer by the sea coastes and neare unto the water: And are so fayre and of pleasaunte sauour, that there is no man that seethe theym but will desyre to eate therof ”.