Stitt's Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment of Tropical Diseases

Sixth Edition. By Richard P. Strong, M. D., D.Sc., D.S.M., C.B., Professor of Tropical Medicine, Emeritus, Harvard University, etc., Two volumes, p. i–xv, 1–1787. Illustrated. The Blakiston Company, Philadelphia, 1942

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This splendid work, while stated to be a revision of the well known work by Admiral Stitt upon tropical medicine, is actually a new work written by Professor Strong. Coming from the pen of one of the pioneer students of tropical medicine in this country one would expect it to be a most excellent presentation of the subject and the reader will not be disappointed. Dr. Strong was the first American physician to study and describe tropical infections as observed in the Philippine Islands, as long ago as 1900, and since that time has been the leader of many expeditions to tropical countries throughout the world for the purpose of investigating certain infections peculiar to such regions. He has enriched our literature with many scientific papers devoted to research in tropical medicine and has contributed much to our knowledge of such infections.